Struggle to find female

tech&digital talents?

Unconscious bias in application behavior is the reason.

Why companies receive few applications from female tech talents

Due to socialization at young age, women and men unconsciously do not have the same application behavior. In case of job ads, scientific research has shown that genders interpret terms and language differently. Watch the following video to understand the main differences. Also, women network in a different way than their male colleagues.


Today, most job ads are still written in a way that unconsciously discourages women from applying. And recruiting is done in traditional networks. The consequence? Companies receive less applications from female talents.

What to do to fill the recruitment pipeline

De-biasing Job Ads

By using particular wording and providing more detail in certain matters, companies can circumvent unconscious behaviors and directly target their job ads towards female tech & digital talents (read the research here). Thereby making job openings appealing to the female unconscious and without deterring male talents.

Use different networks

Women in Tech & Digital often connect with each other in other networks than their male colleagues. They trust job offers more if coming through a female source from these networks. Often inquiring each other about the company’s culture. By using such networks, companies have a higher success rate to find the female talents they need.

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