Bringing tech companies

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A niche job platform addressing female tech&digital talents

Many tech companies struggle to find female tech & digital talents. But - being Women in Tech ourselves -, we know there are many great female talents out there looking for new positions. So we created this job platform. Which brings female tech&digital talents and companies closer together.

And why is it important that companies are gender diverse?
Check out the studies of BCG and ILO that show: the degree of diversity within a company is positively correlated with its economic growth, innovation and employee happiness. 

Bringing two universes together for a win-win

Women in tech & digital

We make sure that our platform is not another job platform. By activating female tech communities and being in constant exchange with them, the platform is the first address for any female tech and digital talent when looking for a new job. 


Any company that is explicitly looking for female talents has now a go-to address to find great female tech talents. Moreover, we make sure that companies can actually be successful when looking for female talents.


Check out our Diversifier, a web application, who helps formulate job ads that attract 40% more applications from female talent and people with diverse backgrounds. Test your job ad and discover the benefits of using neutral language. 

Who is the platform for

Women in Tech & Digital

When talking about Women in Tech & Digital or female tech & digital talents we mean any function necessary to build or maintain a digital solution. These are functions such as: Frontend- and Backend Development, DevOps, Software Architecture, Technical Support, Customer Support, Interaction Design, Visual Design, UX Writer, Project Management/Ownership, Online Marketing, Social Media and Data Science, IT Consulting, Business Development and Sales, Requirements Engineering, Business Analysis, UX Research, Finance/Controlling or HR in Tech-Companies, etc.

Tech Companies

Our products are directed towards the following companies:

  • any company that solely develops and maintains a digital product 

  • any agency delivering tech or digital services to third parties

  • any company that only has tech & digital teams in certain areas of their business

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